Welcome to Churches Together in Eccles

The Church of God is a worldwide community of people that seeks to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ and give witness to the power and love of God in our midst. In all things, the Church aims to proclaim that message in a spirit of service to the people around us, and especially to those in the greatest need.

The Church is rich in its diversity, with many denominations bringing different strengths and perspectives to that fundamental message of love.

We, the constituent church families that make up CTiE, are committed to working together in every way we can so as to promote the message of the Gospel with one voice here in Eccles, (in the county of Greater Manchester). We are each ready to learn from one another, and to work jointly on various ventures throughout the year which strengthen our sense of community and build bonds of love and mutual support.

Look at our events page to see what is going on at present. This will include events specifically organised by Churches Together in Eccles, but may also include events organised by any of our individual churches or community events involving the churches. The events page will normally be updated at least monthly.

The community page advertises the many community services and events that are hosted by our churches. 



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23 September 2020